The 3rd issue of the MUSTEC Working Document series covers the work carried out under Work Package 6 of the Project on Policy and Market Analysis. Section 1 provides an overview of the support mechanisms utilised so far for CSP deployment. Section 2 delves into the CSP industry survey conducted under MUSTEC, which was focalised on the business models in place for CSP. CSP projects can be particularly complicated, entailing a great range of stakeholders across the entire business process. Moreover, CSP business models can vary significantly since they depend largely on the respective governmental policies and thus need to be carefully examined. Currently, the different arrangements used for CSP deployment worldwide are not able to justify a single business model that has been deemed successful. Section 3 focuses on the main market conditions in Europe. The EU policy instruments related to CSP growth are analysed, as well as the role of two potential importer (Germany, France) and two potential exporter countries (Spain, Italy) is investigated. Section 4 summarises the views provided in the current literature regarding the geopolitical context for RES expansion and cooperation in the EU and how it can affect CSP in the future. Furthermore, a survey is also presented, exploring socio-political acceptance of related infrastructures and policies. Finally, Section 5 summarises the comparative techno-economic assessment of competing RES technologies coupled with storage, namely CSP with thermal energy storage, PV with Li-ion battery storage and offshore wind with Li-ion battery storage.