Update: The MUSTEC Spanish workshop took place online on 4th of November 2020. The workshop aimed at generating ideas to facilitate the acceptance of future CSP joint projects between the North and South of Europe. It was focused on the perceived risks and benefits as important determinants for the acceptance of this kind of projects.

The participants were representatives of different stakeholders’ groups: regional and national authorities, researcher organizations, industry, business associations, environmental NGOs, and media.

Christian Oltra and Roser Sala, researchers at CISOT-CIEMAT and members of MUSTEC, moderated the event. At the beginning, Yolanda Lechón (UASE-CIEMAT) as project coordinator, presented a short introduction on MUSTEC and later Pablo del Río (CSIC) presented an overview of the main findings of the project. Christian and Roser presented the main results regarding  social acceptance of cooperation mechanisms for CSP.

Afterwards, attendees were asked to assess the importance of the different potential benefits and risks of cooperation mechanisms. Participants highlighted the potential regional socio-economic development impacts and job creation at the local level, derived from the construction of CSP as the most important benefits, together with the promotion of CSP technology and the CSP industry in Spain. On the other side, participants emphasized the potential costs of subsidies for Spain as the main drawback, together with the need for new grid infrastructure.

Following this exercise, participants assessed the main conditions that these projects should meet to be acceptable and legitimate for the host country. The promotion of qualified employment at the local level and the socio-economic development benefits for the rural areas (by attracting industry, equipment and component companies) were considered critical issues for the host country.


On 4th of November 2020 the MUSTEC Spanish Workshop is going to take place online. The objective of the workshop is to generate ideas among Spanish stakeholders and experts, in a participatory way and to facilitate the acceptance of CSP joint projects between the North and South of Europe. New ideas will be generated to face the current and future challenges that this kind of cooperative projects may face.

Should you be interested to join the workshop, please register here, and an e-mail with the link to connect will be shared with you. If any problem is encountered, or in case more clarifications are needed, you may contact Roser Sala (roser.sala at and Christian Oltra (Christian.oltra at

The agenda focuses on the below discussion topics



11’00 – 11’10am. Welcome and brief presentation of the participants

11’10 – 11’30am. Brief summary of the results of the MUSTEC project

11’30 – 11’50am. First exercise: Identification of critical issues

11’50 – 12’10am. Second exercise: Recommendations for action

12’10 – 12’30am. Final discussion and comments