October 2nd, 2019, SOLAR PACES Conference, Daegu, South Korea

Prof. Johan Lilliestam from IASS Potsdam delivered a presentation titled "The Near-to-Mid-Term Outlook for CSP: Mostly Cloudy, Chance of Sun", during the Solar Paces Conference 2019 in South Korea. The presentation investigated the industry and market development of the global CSP sector. He showed that the technology is rapidly maturing and the industry is growing again, after a few years of contraction, especially in China. The market outlook is highly concerning, however, and currently there is only one support schemes open for new projects, so that, without implementation of new support, there is practically no market for new CSP in 2020. If, on the other hand, new policy support comes, then CSP is better prepared for scale-up than in many years. Prof. Lilliestam's presentation was based on work from MUSTEC (the data used) and other projects at his institute.