June 17 & 18th, 2019, MUSTEC Review and Project Meeting, Brussels

The MUSTEC review meeting was held on the 17th of July, back to back with the 4th project meeting, with the active participation of the Coordinator, the WP leaders and the Project Adviser, Mr. Dimitrios Sofianopoulos, as well as other representatives from INEA and DG ENER. Following the thorough presentation of the achieved results and faced challenges, the MUSTEC colleagues were addressing insightful questions and outlined the next steps and plans for future activities.

The project team is looking forward to receiving the mid-term assessment report and to addressing the feedback, considering that the comments received were very positive. The partners are satisfied with the productive team work and the progress made in the first eighteen months. It is with enthusiasm that they have embarked on the second half of the project.

Upon the completion of the review meeting, the 4th project meeting was initiated and continued on the second day. The partners exchanged on the outcomes of the review meeting and focused on the presentation of the results achieved so far, but most importantly discussed on the next steps forward.