Report: Current Project Structures and Financing Opportunities for CSP Projects

This report aims to identify the existing business models for CSP structuring and financing opportunities across Europe, providing thus the base for the derivation of new appropriate models. It is demonstrated that overall the CSP industry has been forced to make adjustments to its original business models, by adding additional services and covering more stages of the CSP value chain. Moreover, due to the CSP deployment rates, they have been forced to modify their value proposition, by adding other technologies.

Report: Evaluation of the Pros and Cons of Different Alternative CSP Projects and Policy Implications

This report provides an analytical/methodological framework to assess the pros and cons of different types of CSP projects, which are potentially suitable for cooperation, as mediated by their impact on a set of assessment variables and intermediate factors (drivers and barriers to CSP cooperation, policy goals and context factors).

Report: Socio-political acceptance findings

This report focuses on the socio-political acceptance of the implementation of cooperation projects of the RES Directive to supply electricity from Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants in the South of Europe to Central and Northern Europe, aiming to provide a comprehensive picture of the views of the different stakeholders on cooperation mechanisms for CSP.

1st MUSTEC Infographic, May 2019

The first MUSTEC infographic on representative CSP typologies and their identified needs is out. Learn more about six selected typologies, related project examples and their main characteristics in just two minutes through a visually comprehensive manner. Hover your cursor over the different typologies to learn more about them. You can find the infographic here.

Report: Policy pathways for the energy transition in Europe and selected European countries

This report investigates the potential future need for and role of two of the main dispatchable renewable power sources available in Europe – CSP equipped with thermal storage and dispatchable hydropower (dam and pumped hydro). The generated data – which will subsequently be fed into two different modelling frameworks in the MUSTEC and SCCER JA IDEA consortia – describe the policy pathways of a set of European countries.